Governance & Compliance Services

We provide end-to-end assurance services which help our organizations prepare to meet the demands of regulations and standards by performing assessments and delivering assurances or compliance reports.

We assist organizations in improving their controls posture and reducing risks within business processes automated through IT Systems. We identify areas of improvement and also provide practical, implementable recommendations to address identified risks and in the process enhancing system feature usage.

We assist organisations in assessing their IT risks and developing an effective IT governance framework covering the information life cycle, which includes business alignment, planning, implementation, operations, monitoring and review. We help organizations develop practical solutions to achieve better visibility over key components of the cyber risk program, leveraging leading vendor GRC platforms or custom-built solutions.

We help organizations identify the complexities, risks, and other opportunities in their extended enterprises by proactively managing and monitoring risks presented by the extended enterprise, inclusive of third-party relationships.We review organizations’ third-party management processes to determine if appropriate cybersecurity requirements are in place, and review third-party vendor agreements to determine if the organizationsis adequately protected.

We help our organizations to implement appropriate and cost-effective controls to protect their information assets against perceived threats, and provide evidence that they are operating as expected. This includes technical, physical and procedural controls.

With years of experience in security consulting and implementation, we understand how a good policy and procedure works. We help organizations build a policy management system and develop policies and procedures in line with standard requirements and industry best practices.

Risk Advisory Services

We help organizations in their business continuity planning as well as in the development of a robust Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), review of their Disaster Recovery systems (DR), and their maturity assessment.

We help organizations to determine their cloud adoption readiness. Our holistic approach helps organizations understand the business, technology, security, change management and compliance implications of the cloud. Our cloud-specific framework allows organizations to evaluate their cloud services from five unique perspectives: strategy, risk, finance, technology and operations.

We assist organizations by conducting a maturity assessment of their information security program. We leverage industry best practices, standards and frameworks to determine the maturity of a program and design a roadmap to achieve desired maturity.

We assist organizations in developing a clear-cut social media governance program to protect themselves from unwanted publicity. These measures can help to raise awareness of the need for social media governance and educate employees through various communication channels (corporate communications, trainings, posters etc).

We help organizations simplify their multiple assessments performed on technology from Risk and Compliance functions through a Unified Assessment Framework that ensures controls and risks environments are aligned at an appropriate level while also delivering a less complex risk environment and cost savings.

We assist organizations in conducting cyber security due diligence for prospective Mergers & Acquisitions. The due diligence is conducted based on the transaction timeline, the target company’s industry, the value of its digital assets, its regulatory environment and its cyberrisk profile. Key considerations include Industry Standards, Target Company’s Network Security, Deal Terms, Cyber Insurance etc.

We help Banks and NBFCs to implement RBI mandates on Information Security, Cyber Security, Business Continuity etc. We conduct a formal gap analysis between the current state and RBI mandatory requirements and help organizations with the roadmap to address the gaps and comply with the guidelines.

We assist organizations in establishing a data management framework while ensuring compliance to relevant legal and regulatory requirements. We also evaluate exposure to privacy risks of data theft, leakage of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), sensitive personal information, etc., by conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

Technical Services

We perform periodic vulnerability assessments and help organizations to develop and implement proper security controls based on the results of this assessment.

We help organizations in building a Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing program and conduct assessments on the IT infrastructure, prioritize the impact of these vulnerabilities based on the value and importance of affected IT and data assets, and then implement the proper security controls and security countermeasures to mitigate those identified weaknesses.

We evaluate the applications against relevant standards and framework requirementsand help identify inherent vulnerabilities, encryption technologies, secure transmission, source code review, data leakage to name a few.

We help organizations establish controls and processes around their most sensitive assets, balancing the need to reduce risk, while also helping to enable productivity, business growth, and cost optimization objectives. We leverage our methodology to help organizations control which employees, organizations, partners and suppliers access sensitive corporate resources, and streamline the process of managing “digital identities.”

We help organizations protect personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data, reducing the risk of data breaches, while also supporting the need for flexible and timely access to a wide range of corporate users.

We help organizations to develop an appropriate incident management and response plan to detect, respond to, remediate and recover from a wide range of cyber incidents based on industry best-practices and standards/frameworks.

We assist organizations to develop an effective APT protection strategy comprising of various security measures to protect every part of the organization’s perimeter.

We assist organizations with analysing suspicious transactions, identifying hidden relationships, analysing large volumes of transactions more efficiently, monitoring fraud threats and vulnerabilities, assessing effectiveness of internal controls and considering unique organizational and industry issues.

We provide a clear view into an organization’s current IT Infrastructure set up and security measures, to provide an understanding of how their current framework compares against leading practices in the industry and identify areas that can be enhanced in the IT infrastructure.